Music generally gets us all through most situations however extreme they may be at the time, there is always a song to match that mood, experience or give you the push needed to accomplish something great.

Well now we have found JAYBeatz and in particular he new mash up of Jhene Aiko, The Weekend and Frank Ocean and someone needs to get them all into the studio to create more songs like this, but thinking about it do we need to do that when we have JAYBeatz?

This song, found on Sound Cloud – produced by a 21 year old (yes! 21) out of North Carolina, has the ability to bring out emotions from within that you weren’t even feeling at the time of listening.



Even if you don’t relate to the words, your head will be nodding along to the base and Jhene Aiko will have you humming along for the rest of the day. Her voice is out of this world. 

Check out all of JAYBeatz sounds here

M + R + M



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