Let your senses guide you, apart from your eyes…you won’t need them at this establishment.

Dans le Noir, which translate to ‘In the Dark’, is a dining experience like no other. Your mind awakens when you walk into this restaurant and an over powering feel a sense of solitude despite the ever increasing noise of people talking shouting across the table at one another.

With all items that might emit light or glow in the dark removed, no phone, no bag, just you, your friends and your friendly waiter who’s shoulder is now  your only guide through the sheer darkness you could be in a pink room made of jello for all you know. It is that damn dark!

The waiters within the restaurant are blind, but they know their way around the restaurant like their own homes. Roles are reversed as you depend on the Waiters to guide to your table, around your plate and, if required, to and from the ladies/gents (you will be happy to know these do have lighting!).

You find yourself cuddling up close to your friend beside you and really listening to the conversation, to what is being said. You also seem to loose all manners which should be shown during dinner, because quite frankly you don’t need them. Fingers are used to feel the food and feed yourself, wine is spilled as you  overflow your class for the 6th time (or was that just down to the wine consumption?!)… can listen to what someone is saying but not look at them but still be so involved in what they are saying.

Everything is a surprise, the darkness, the sounds….even the food.

Your choices?

Fish, Vegetarian, Meat or the Chef’s surprise.

You  don’t know what is going to turn up in front of you, just the main theme of the dish (from above), so this might not be for the fussy eaters, but they do cater for allergies such as Gluten, Diary, Nuts etc…

This allows you to truly taste your food, not just eat, but explore the textures, flavours and the Chef’s talents. Its also fun, telling your friends that you’ve ‘found a chocolate strawberry at o’clock on the plate!’ and everyone rushing to grab it like it was the last one on earth.

The best part is, you get to compare what you guessed to the real menu once you return to the bar area at the front of house. It will be quite a surprise at how much people get wrong on the simplest of items.

This dining experience, is so much more, its a personal challenge, bonding experience and a really great night!

Our waiter, third back….Gaol. Call his name and he’ll be there….

Very civilized…this is not the scene we were making!

O did we mention the awesome cocktails they have on offer the moment you walk through the door? Because they do, they are delicious!

We hope you enjoy this wonderful place as much as we did,


M + R + M




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