In the sunshine spirit this weeks FLOUR Monday Music is a catchy new track from Clean Bandits feat. Noonie Bao. Clean Bandit are a UK Collective which feature several different vocalists combined with synth, strings and this time electronic xylophone. They have an constantly refreshing sound, combining various vocals, electronic tones and strings.

The instrumental core are Jack Patterson (bass/sax/deck), Luke Patterson (drums) Grace Chatto and Neil Amin-Smith (both strings). At the foundations these four form a formidable structure working with various vocalists to make every production unique and ingenious.

Their new track ‘Rihanna’ puts a spring in your step, seamlessly amalgamating a range of instrumentation: chamber string melodies, electronic xylophone enhanced beat and the delicate angelic tones of Noonie’s soprano melody. 

Their EP Dust Clears is released on July 28th and features remixes from Russ Chimes, Thom Alt-J, and Jack Savidge. They are also playing at many summer festivals as well as London date this week and more UK dates in October:

Here they are looking particularly flowery:





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