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This weeks  Wednesday wisdom has taken an Italian turn. As one of the FLOUR girls spends a lot of her time in Italy and we’re all perchance to a bit of Italian grub, we thought we’d round up some simple but delicious Italian antipasto ideas for you to try. When the Summer (ahem) eves dawn there’s nothing nicer than a chilled glass of the white stuff (and we don’t mean milk!) and some awesome antipasto! So this Wednesday learn from the wise and Create Awesome Antipasto!

Buon Appetito!

Antipasto – quite literally translates from Italian to ‘before the meal’ and we find a selection of these can be great for a snacky supper with friends or a starter for a big meal!

Antipasto should always be kept quite simple with the focus being on the flavours and good quality ingredients – find some inspiration below!


Brushetta – a slice of delicious italian bread (ciabatta or similar) brushed with olive oil and a clove of garlic then toasted on each side – top with an assortment of ingredients!

Some of our favourite toppings include:

Artichoke and Parmesan

Blitz together fresh artichokes, olive oil, lemon juice, handful of basil, salt, pepper, spoon of creme fraiche and shavings of parmesan to taste. Spread on top of bruschetta and place a shaving of parmesan on top!

Tomato and fresh pesto

Quite simply – fresh tomatoes, chopped and muddled in homemade pesto – get red and yellow santorini ones if you want a sweeter dish!

If you can take the time to make your own homemade pesto – it’s easy and worth it!

HOMEMADE PESTO: Basil + Olive Oil + Pine Nuts + Garlic, Salt and Pepper and WHIZZ!

(FLOUR Tip: Add more olive oil after mixing to loosen the paste if too thick!)


All Antipasto is made better with some delicious olives. Our favourites Apple Olives – big green salty ones!


A good selection of Italian meats compliment any antipasto selection: parma ham and salami are our favourite!


Mozzarella from a deli or a high end supermarket is to die for. Look out for labels stating D.O.P, Buffala Campania – these are the best of the best!


It’s important to make your medleys look delicious as well as taste great! Add grilled vegetables, olive oil and balsamic to make the antipasto brim with colour. Make sure not to worry about making everything look rustic. See some of our favourite ways to present below and share your creation with us: @flourtweet OR

Sharing Board Presentation Ideas:

(dietlind wolf)





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