Hello FLOUR flowers,

We hope you had a brilliant weekend and are enjoying the sunshine! To get you through the hazy Monday sunny afternoon, this weeks Monday music is a perfect track to daydream to.

Drawing attention from the critically acclaimed ‘Searching for Sugarman’  Rodriguez’s music has been brought back into the spotlight recently.

We’ve chosen the 1970’s Rodriguez track ‘I Wonder’  as this weeks Monday Music.  The carefree beat and swinging base line addresses some of the gravest concerns yet with its beautifully relaxed, sound it’s perfect for your own personal pondering on a sunny day! This is the genius of Rodriguez’s music, have a listen and see what you think:

The track is from Rogriguez’s debut album Cold Fact and is a clear contender for the more direct reasoning behind why his music spread so widely in South Africa through it’s lyric. In a strongly repressed social system,where the entire medium of television was classified too corrupting to be allowed into the country, music prevailed in a secretive manner which had automatic currency and was quickly circulated between friends.  Ironically, the military was the most fertile ground through which music like this spread, as compulsory service.

The track features on the film’s soundtrack which can be bought today:

Malik Bendjellouel’s film opened Sundance Film Festival and has won an accolade of awards including ‘Best Documentary’ at the 85th Academy Awards. It’s a must watch documentary which opens your eyes, behind his music there’s a much deeper and dramatic story which is powerful and inspiring.

Watch the trailer here:

A different kind of sugar for a Monday afternoon!




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