Wednesday Wisdom – Dating outside the box


 Hello Flour followers, Wednesday Wisdom this week is dedicated to the art of dating outside the box!

As everyone leads such busy lives, its time to mix up the dating scene with some fun new ways to meet people.

Take inspiration from Prague transport company Ropid – they have come up with a great way to lure people onto its trains: they’ve designated carriages to single passengers and are urging them to ditch the dating websites and flirt on its underground instead.

Gives a whole new meaning to Speed dating!

Gives a whole new meaning to speed dating!

Spokesman Filip Drapal said: ‘We want to emphasize that public transport is not only a means of travel but that you can do things there that you cannot do in your car.’  The service could be up and running by the end of the year. We vote they bring this to London it would certainly spice up the commute!

In the meantime check out this for an afternoon laugh:

Man’s best friend  

As all dog owners will know – pooches are great conversation starters – (fyi puppies are literally girl magnets)

Some savvy people have cottoned onto this fun way to meet fellow dog lovers, and coined the first cocktail parties designed for single dog owners to meet. Leashes and Lovers are based in New York for now, but we are pretty hopeful that the idea will catch on in the UK soon!!'s actually a puppy! we know what you were thinking

Er…it’s actually a puppy! we know what you were thinking


So we’re not talking knitting or flower arranging, or pretending to be back at uni. Think more uni-sex friendly activities that gets you talking to people. Anything from salsa classes to cookery courses to joining a book club (ok…maybe not a book club), but you get the idea.

Or perhaps if you are slightly nervous indulging in a bit of dutch courage before meeting people by going to a wine or scotch tasting – indulging in some fun new activities can be a great way to meet new people – time to get socialising!
And just to end on an even more educational note, here are ten things you probably shouldn’t say on a date:
1. You’re wearing that?
2. Something smells funny.
3. I want to get married ASAP
4. And to think, I first wanted to date your brother.
5. I have a confession to make…
6. My dad has a suit just like that.
7. That boy/girl is hot. Look at him.
8. My ex, may he/she rot in hell forever…
9. You won’t believe the date I had last night?
10. You’re how old?”
Tweet us the worst thing you have heard on a date @FlourTweet
Love M+M+R

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