Friday Favourites – The Fabulous Feast

Happy Friday!

For all those foodies out there, we wanted to share a Flour themed foodie spectacular happening in St.John’s Hill this week.

Concluding Battersea’s week-long Fabulous Feast Festival, the foodie event on St. John’s Hill this Saturday will serve up a whole host of street food vendors, along with live food & drinks events.

There will also be a baking competition for adults and children alike. The main event is tomorrow Saturday 18th May with live food and drink events such as cookery demos, interactive classes and tasting sessions. You can learn how to cook a perfect steak, or mix some classic cocktails!

Yummy cakes
Yummy cakes
You can be a rainbow too!
You can be a rainbow too!

The street will also be lined with some great stalls for you all to sample. Here at Flour, we are perfecting our baking for our second stall (watch this space for dates) so we will be attending this event for some inspiration!


Head down to St. Johns Hill and get tasting  – see you there!

Tweet us what you’re enjoying on the day (@flourtweet)

Love M+M+R



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