We love a bit of colour here at FLOUR and with Summer on it’s way and a bit of a warmer feeling in the air we thought we’d dedicate this weeks Wednesday wisdom to showing you how to inject colour into your life ensuring, in the words of Bob Marley, you ‘can be a rainbow too!’

Thinking and looking in a colourful way never fails to get us smiling. Rainbows throughout history have been used as a symbol of hope and are a symbol for dreamers and the imagination. They have also been an example of the force of nature noted for it’s beauty and its magical qualities. In religion rainbows are a sign for peace and a covenant with God not to destroy the world with floodwater. Irish charm dictates you’ll find a pot of gold and a leprechaun at the end of the rainbow if you get there. They are also, of course, a worldwide symbol of gay pride and welcome! All in all rainbows have a lot of connections and you could do a lot worse than using a rainbow to guide your way.

Of course, there are lots of beautiful, colourful, rainbow, food creations:

And some amazing flower combinations:

Use a bit of rainbow in your life this week, that’s our wisdom for this Wednesday….see below for further inspiration:

Wear more colour!

Give your pedals a psychedelic makeover!

Post image for Inspiring Words: The Rainbow

Use a saying about a rainbow as your mantra for the week!

rainbow typewriter

Get arty and make something colourful to brighten someone else’s day!

Make a rainbow, buy a prism!

Find a rainbow in unusual places!

Eat rainbow style, the more colourful your plate, the better it is for you!

Be colourful on a rainy day!

Listen to some rainbow tunes:

Somewhere Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World- Israel Kamakawiwo’ole:

She’s a Rainbow – The Rolling Stones:

Fleetwood Mac – Seven Wonders:

Jack Johnson – Rainbow:

Be multicoloured!




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