I think the first thing we at FLOUR would love to say to everyone is a HUGE, MASSIVE, GIGANTIC THANK YOU for all your support  on the run up to and during the Great Brixton Bake Off on Saturday. It was a huge success for us and we loved meeting everyone and making, hopefully, long term friends within the baking community!  🙂  We especially enjoyed meeting local Celeb Levi Roots, who tasted our treats and even came behind the stall for some photos and a chat!

Your support and love means the absolute world to us and we hoped your enjoyed the ‘Home Baked Treats’ we sold (out of!).


It’s Monday already and after the weekend we just had, doing our first stall ever at Brixton Market <3,  we need a 5:30PM boost to helps us make it to the end of the day!

 Melissa and I (Riannah) are off to see Beyonce this week and we could NOT be more excited, so we are starting this week off with a big one from the Diva herself  “COUNT DOWN”.

This up tempo, snazzy and colourful hit will lift your spirits and have you dancing in your office chair within seconds of Beyonce bellowing the first word!

Because we are in such a good mood from the weekend, we have another Beyonce music delight to recommend:

  If you haven’t already, you must must MUST watch Beyonce’s full performance in Las Vegas. It is phenomenal and she treats the audience to the never before performed song, the beautiful and heart string pulling “Resentment”.


M + R + M



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