This weeks wisdom isn’t technically wisdom in a slow and steady voice, that your grandparents or a wise old man might impart, instead it’s a cheeky advert for this weekends bake off as well as a bit more information on the wonderful Brixton Station Road Community Market. Having fun is always wise in our book! 

You may or may not of heard that we have our first fully fledged stall this Sat. FLOUR are taking part in The Great Brixton Bake Off, a Brixton Station Road Community Market event, and we simply can’t wait! DETAILS for the bake off can be found here:


Levi Roots, one of the judges on Sat, said about last years event: “I had a fantastic time at the event, it is always brilliant to see our Brixton this way with people enjoying and expressing themselves through food, taste and flavours even on a wet rainy day as it were yesterday. Big up to the organizers for all their efforts in making the day one to remember.”

Brixton at its best is a friendly,busy, vibrant, musical, energetic part of London and Brixton Station Road Markets make the most of local craftmanship, culinery skills and retro finds. The unique thing about these markets is that they’re run by Brixton’s street traders. The markets aren’t owned by a private corporation, nor operated by the local Council.

They give back too! Any profit made goes straight back into the community – through investing in the social aspects of the market and by supporting local charity organisations such as the Brixton Community Trust.

Here’s what they say: ‘We realise that running a business like ours comes with a social responsibility and therefore great opportunity. After all, the street is for everyone to share, so we aim to support, maintain and strengthen this community spirit of which we’re part.’ Just brilliant!



Brixton Station Road is just a 2 minute walk from the station and just off the high street. It’s the best place to find delicious street food, most typically North African and Carribean and is at it’s most vibrant on Fridays and Saturdays. 


Brixton Station Road Community Market is part of Brixton Market which is a huge operation, encompassing Brixton Village and Market Row (run by InShops Retail):

The street markets on Electric Avenue and Popes Road (run by LB Lambeth) and tiny Reliance Arcade (run by Hooper Naylor Friend)


The diversity of whats on offer across the whole of the Brixton Market effervesces the brilliant spirit of Brixton. You always find something new, hear brilliant music, eat delicious and inspired food as well as drink imaginative cocktails.

Emphasis is on enjoyment and relaxing, nothing breaks the bank and you can tell everything is made with love. It’s a social place and full of artisan produce.

Our wise words: visit. 

Hope to see you Saturday!






  1. Good luck girls for Saturday, sorry can’t be there I have a Music Festival to organise. Would rather be there supporting you but do post your Winning!!! recipe to all us FLOUR followers….x

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