Hello FLOUR readers – this week’s wisdom on the beauty of keeping you and your life in perspective. The past weeks events has served to shake ‘n’ stir us, with the Boston marathon bombing and Thatcher’s death. You only have to read the morning news to realise there’s a world out there which is conflicting, exploding and embracing and we’re constantly reminded on the brutality of morality but also, in essence, how damn lucky we all are. Believe us we know you can’t live everyday thinking it’s your last and that if you don’t have the right change for the bus it’s certainly annoying but we’re asking you to tackle a percentage of your grumbles and make sure you embrace the gifts we’ve got!

We don’t want to drag you down but instead share helpful reminders which keep us in check when the going gets tough. So if you’re aggravated at work, or you shrink your favourite jumper, or delete all the music on your iPod…there’s only one word for you PERSPECTIVE.

Find below some helpful ways of turning a little frown upside down:

1. Be a YES man!


Say YES to more than you usually would. Learn a positive perspective can make you go down paths you never would, experience things you thought you never could and most importantly saying YES instead of NO will make you and everyone around you more optimistic.

(Word of warning: this does not mean saying YES to everything! Learn from Jim Carrey)

2. Remember to answer LIFE questions by surrounding yourself with those you love.

Post image for just kids, part two

There will always be days where life rains down on you like a tonne of bricks and the pesky why’s and the wherefores clog your mind. Breathe.  Tackle these questions with the ones you love and remember to take time to let them pass but also don’t dwell and panic.

Take inspiration from the wise words of Patti Smith in her book ‘Just Kids’ – a few quotes below:

“where does it all lead? what will become of us? these were our young questions, and young answers were revealed. it leads to each other. we become ourselves.”

My favourite read of 2011, 'Just Kids' by the inimitable Patti Smith, a mellifluous urban fairy tale of two boho kids with dreams of becoming famous artists, negotiating the streets of New York in the late 60’s living on little more than coffee, grilled cheese sandwiches and their passion for art. Often forgoing food for a new pencil or paint brush, the two collide in Tompkins Square Park 1967 and strike up an intense relationship.

“we learned we wanted too much.  we could only give from the perspective of who we were and what we had. apart, we were able to see with even greater clarity that we didn’t want to be without each other.”

3. Put yourself in someone elses shoes.

// Cinderella is Proof that A new pair of Shoes Can Change Your Life // #Quote #sayings #word #art #truth

Now, we’re not saying go and buy a new pair of shoes (although this equally could help re-aline thoughts sometimes?!) but just remember, putting yourself in someone elses shoes can help look at a situation from a different, sometimes better, angle – at the very least it can’t help you understand a little better.


so cool


4. Cease the day! 

Take opportunities as they come into your life. Do something spontaneous, take on something new, drink the water in the proverbial glass. Sometimes the best perspective if the one which rules out over-thinking and results in doing.

carpe diem

5. Remember you’re one of many!

We're all part of the same thing.

The world is a huge place, full of billions of people: obvious facts but it’s important to remember this. We’re all in this together. Your troubles don’t seem as huge when you think of the thousands of people and even animals on this earth with us. We’re not talking huge life changing events but simple oddities that get you in a tangle can be better dealt with when you think – ‘Someone has definitely done this before!’ In the words of Emilia ‘It’s a big, big world.’

Dominique Falla: We are all a Part of the Same Thing

So love puts everything into perspective.

‘A Whale of a High Five!’

circle of life

So small in this big world

Some perspective songs:

Dust in the wind – Kansas:

Life Oh Life – Des’ree:

Blowin’ in the Wind – Bob Dylan:

One Love – Bob Marley:

Keep looking up!




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