Now this is a track to start your week with! Today’s Monday Music is a genius working of TLC’s ‘No Scrubs’ over The XX track ‘Angels’ with some mighty tinkering!  Quite blown away actually with how good this track is from Bastille featuring Ella.

Beautiful instrumentals mixed with spine tingling honest vocals and a military resounding beat, makes this an awesome creative track. One we’ll be listening to a few times today – at least!

Get your audio fix here:

The track is from ‘Other People’s Heart Ache – pt. 2’ an album of ‘mash-ups’ and covers uniquely realised as new brilliantly creative tracks. The tracks take old hits and quotes from films and re-create them into new songs. ‘No Angels’ features film quotes from Norman Bates from Psycho at the start of the tune, why? because the boys found it funny to position him as a ‘Scrub’ as he lives at home with his Ma!


No I don’t want no scrub!’

Every track on the album is worth a listen, it’s fantastic amalgamating, resulting in something entirely new.

When asked about the inspiration behind ‘Other People’s Heart Ache -pt.2’ front man Dan Smith said the below:

‘I guess the inspiration came from wanting to bring together a whole swathe of films and music that either I love, or are things from the past that I remember seeing and hearing as a kid which are in some way ingrained on my mind. But it was also a really fun way to try out different things production-wise. To try and push ourselves to do things we hadn’t done before and just to experiment a bit. We started the first one because I got Mono at the beginning of making our actual album last year. I’d had to take some time off and then wanted to make something to give away and this was a great excuse to kickstart the recording process again. I wanted to bring together loads of disparate things and make one flowing collage that’s held together by our sound.’ (http://www.earmilk.com/2013/01/15/bastille-other-peoples-heartache-pt-2-interview-bonus-track/)

We love a re-imagined track and even better yet we love a new take on a classic, something we often apply to our cooking, let us know what you think and enjoy!

Humming along – M+R+M x


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