Friday Favourite – Ingredients and Utensils

Everyone has their secret ingredients, cookware and utensils which they swear by to make their cakes, dishes and pastries a cut above the rest!

Some just know they are good…

This week’s Friday Favourite looks at what FLOUR’s favourite ingredients are which are a staple item that should be added to  your cupboard!

Almond Oil 

‘Almonds are a girls best friend!’

– Bake white fish with an Almond crust by drizzling 3 tsp of Almond oil on the fish with a few crush almonds to crisp. Add seasoning to taste and bake for 10 – 15 minutes (dependent on size and type of fish). A fantastic dinner of snack.

– Top any green salad with some unrefined Almond Oil and garnish with sliced Almonds to enhance the nutty flavours.

– Add Almond oil to any cake or biscuit mixture to create a gorgeous taste with little effort!

Rose Water / Petals

‘Everything’s rosy!’ 


– Fiona Cairns, who we posted about last Friday, does the most amazing White Chocolate and Rose Petal Cake which is simply to die for. The Rose Petals are brushed with icing sugar and compliment the dash of rose water mixed through the sponge. Perfect for any get together.

– Want to jazz up that Salad? You could start simple by adding some Rose Water, Lime and Vinegar and mixing together to taste or for the more adventurous of you bloggers out there this recipe is for you. Great with bitter and acidic salads, such as a Rocket Salad, this dressing goes deliciously on a stand alone salad or even a side salad to accompany a main dish.

You will need:

50ml Water
100g Brown Sugar
1 Lemon Grass
Black Pepper
250ml Water
40g Caster Sugar
Zest of 2 lemons
Juice of 2 lemons
50ml Apple Vinegar
25ml Rosewater


Bring the 50ml water and half the brown sugar to the boil in a pan. Add the black pepper.
Split the lemon grass by folding it in half. Add it to the boiling sugar
While the sugar is boiling, bring the 250ml water to boil with the caster sugar
Add the lemon zest and blanch for 5-20 seconds
Transfer the zest to a bowl of ice cold water
Pour a third of the caster sugar water into the boiling sugar and discard the rest
Combine the vinegar, lemon juice and rose water in a bowl
When the brown sugar has reduced by half, take it off the heat, leave to cool slightly, remove the lemon grass and mix with the lemon juice and vinegar.
Set in a sink of ice cold water to cool, then cover with clingfilm and store in the fridge or (preferably) use immediately

– Adding a splash of Rose Water to rice to makes an aromatic dish to accompany any Asian Curry. Simply delicious.

Shape Cutters 

‘Throw some shapes!’

Using shape cutters can and will transform cakes, cookies and pies.

Getting some basic shapes into your cupboard will allow you the opportunity to create master pieces worthy of Sistine Chapel.

Basic Cutters to get are of course to do with Flours…sorry Flowers 🙂

What are you favourite ingredients or baking essentials?




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