Photo: B is for baby shower

B is for Bump!

We’ve had a Plumpton Bake Off this weekend in  honor of my (Melissa’s) sister’s fabulous baby bump. In true FLOUR style we brought a feast of sweet and savory treats to the table for the ultimate baby shower – all with a baby twist. Whether you need inspiration for a baby shower, christening or just new ideas for a tea party…read on to see how we did it!


The great thing about a baby shower is that you can make all your favourites but mini…making them instantly tiny..just like a baby! Hee he.

image (2)

Crack team of makers and bakers with the Mama to be!


As the sex of the baby is a surprise we went for a pastel palette of pale yellow, pink, mint green, white and lavender.



image (7)

These floating tissue creations act like huge bits of blossom and instantly dress a room. They come flat packed and need a patient making team but the end result is worth it! We got ours from Tissue Pom Pom Queen  who offered a super speedy service: http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aag/main?ie=UTF8&asin=&isAmazonFulfilled=&isCBA=&marketplaceID=A1F83G8C2ARO7P&orderID=&seller=A1AAMMNIAZHTMZ


We love flowers at FLOUR and popped some gorgeous cream roses with raspberry edged petals into green milk bottles. A bit of greenery always goes a long way, sage green and dark green leaves were also added to the bottle mix!

image (1)

photo 3

photo 4

As spring is upon us (?!) we chose some mini daffodills to adorn the sweets table – simple, bright and yellow – an illusion of summer!

photo 1

Other decoration ideas included – vintage mismatching crockery: plates/teapots/glass bowls/teacups and lace table cloths.



In traditional afternoon tea style we offered small savoury bites followed by sweet treats. Our savoury selection included: cheese sable, homemade sausage rolls, artichoke dip with Parmesan en croute, assorted mini sandwiches: salmon and cucumber, soft cheese, parma ham and artichoke, egg mayonnaise and cheese and tomato, mini feta and tomato quiches, mini cheese and ham crossiants, cheese scones with whipped butter.


Mini Quiches!


We have a sweet tooth at FLOUR (have you guessed?!!) and went baking crazy to offer lots of delights for the epic feast…I mean tea! A great excuse to practice and perfect our baking!

Vanilla sponge with white chocolate coating and pastel decorations = Baby Rattle Cake Pops!

image (6)

Baby Rattle Cake Pops!

image (9)

image (8)

Of course we made some Macaroons. Pistachio with honey and pistachio filling and Salted Caramel:

image (4)

We topped these pretty green pistachio ones with hot pink edible rose petals! We also used tiny woodland flowers as a garnish.

image (5)

And here are the mini salted caramel ones, sandwiched together with a homemade salted caramel cream:


Mini Pastel coloured meringues – add a touch of food colouring to your meringue mix to make these beauties:

image (1)

Pastel dreams!

photo 1

Carrot cupcakes with soft cheese icing, coconut jam fancies, coffee and walnut tray bake – with little rocking horse toppers!

Pic ‘n’ Mix sweets Galore!

photo 2 photo 3

Tiny Feet sweets! *sweets do not taste like feet!!

image (2)

Lemon and Polenta Baby Shower Cake!


Plenty of pots of tea, old fashioned cloudy lemonade and for the non-pregnant amongst us there was bucks fizz flowing!

We also found a crate of mini milk bottles which we filled with banana and strawberry milkshake and added a polka dot straw:

image (3)


image (5)

The mum-to-be is a craft-aholic (check our her site Homespun Honey: http://www.homespunhoney.co.uk/ and is making her bump a patchwork quilt. One of her best friends came up with the fantastic idea of getting the guests to decorate and create personalised patches which can be added to the quilt. We set up a little station, got lots of scraps of material and let loose. There were some excellent patches from hand prints to Brighton Pavillion!

We played a few games including baby present bingo (fiercely competitive) and celebrity baby name match. The rest of the time was spent present giving galore and having a good old catch up and pampering the soon to be Mama.

DSCN1011 (1)

And yes – we’re all still full!




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